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Concept Art


Do you want to be able to preview your movie even before the artwork is finished? The KeyFrame is an illustration, representing a specific moment described in a script to capture the mood of the scene, through the elements of composition, color, and light – to show the viewer exactly what an actual frame from a movie will look like.
Our artists will help you visualize your film and create the perfect pitching.


What do the colors represent? Blue makes you sad? Does red remind you of love? The colors can subconsciously make you experience different emotions. Through illustrations that focus on the representation of color and light as a tool to visualize the photograph, ColourScript is an essential tool when previewing an animation, as it shows the progression of light and color throughout the whole movie, making it easier to maintain consistency of light and mood.

Character Design

The characters are the ones to give life to the stories we create, so is very important that they are not only visually appealing but also emotionally relatable. Are they the good guys or the bad guys? Our character design will represent not only the physical characteristics but also the psychological aspects of the characters you imagine – adding, even more, meaning to your production.

Background Layout &Props

Did you know that props can help to tell a story? Every single one needs to perfectly reflect the production’s style, design and period of time. Our artist will work along the Director and the Production Designer to create props and environments that make sense with the narrative, getting the viewer to have a more immersive experience in the world presented in the story.

vfx & Animation
Research & Development